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A good start

New Zealand has now joined the list of 55 countries banning lightweight plastic bags, with Bangladesh being the first country to introduce such a ban in 2002.

While the ban has not yet been enforced, associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage has confirmed that single-use plastic shopping bags will be phased out in New Zealand with regulations to come into force from1 July 2019. New Zealanders are overwhelmingly behind the phase out and there seems to be an interest in more changes, and rightly so.

Whilst the strongest focus has been on single-use plastic bags there are many more areas of plastic packaging which are also single-use. The trend seems to be getting worse rather than better. Now the single portion ‘convenience’ of plastic and foil seems to dictate how we buy products.

Surely consumers and producers can find that environmentally friendly balance in some cases which will suit all involved. Just look at products such as milk, pet food and baby food. Not so long ago these were all sold in glass or steel cans. Paper bags and cardboard packaging have been ideal for so many years for so many products. There is no question of the reusability or recyclability of these materials. Now those products are often sold in convenient, resealable plastic pouches that generally can’t go in the recycling bin.


So how can we make a difference?

Should we avoid buying products that are packaged in plastic? Sometimes they are necessary items and there is no alternative.

Let's take a proactive approach and work on solutions, rather than ignoring or avoiding the problem. Here at Printcraft we would like to help solve some of the hurdles in front of companies who want to change.  We want to give businesses the opportunity to join the movement by giving them innovative, realistic options to help them move from plastic to alternative packaging.

The paper and cardboard packaging industries in particular are among the most sustainable in existence.


How are we doing this?

It starts with you! Let us know you are willing to discuss options. We will come and visit you to get information about your product, current packaging and the costs involved. We want to look at your packaging workflows right through to how your product is presented to the consumer.

Based on the information gathered we can look at alternative options and present a practical solution which will be more appealing to ever more environmentally aware customers.


Show what you are made of

Everyone who takes part in our campaign, will automatically appear in our progress reports, in print, web and social media.

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