File Supply Specifications

When supplying files for print, please follow our guidelines below.
You can also download our specifications if you wish. 

If you want to supply a finished design for print, please make sure it will tick all the following boxes:

  • File is supplied as a print ready PDF

  • The file is high resolution, 300dpi or above at actual size, and no less than 200dpi.

  • Document is set up with 3mm bleed.

  • All colours are converted to CMYK or Pantone if required.

Other accepted file options, which may incur surcharges for additional layout, formatting or design work. 

  • Tiff (Photoshop)

  • PSD (Photoshop)

  • JPEG (RAW/Photoshop)

  • indd (InDesign) Packaged with all image links and fonts included 

  • ai (Illustrator) Packaged with all image links and fonts included  

  • eps (illustrator/Photoshop)

We accept the following file formats, but we do not take any responsibility for change in layout, colour and other issues.

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Apple Pages

  • Apple Keynote

Printcraft does not accept Microsoft Publisher, Canva, DAT, CAD and any other file types that are not listed above.